Cable Channel 20
8:00 PM on Saturdays in Buffalo
11:00 PM on Mondays in the Suburbs

About Artgrease

Artgrease is Hallwalls' and Squeaky Wheel's shared timeslot on Buffalo public access television, Channel 20. Hallwalls' cable access show Artwaves, showcasing work related to programming at Hallwalls, was established in 1986 by Hallwalls co-director Alan Sondheim as a weekly program reaching into the paradoxically public/private stage of people's homes via the publicly accessible channels of cable TV. Artgrease carries on the tradition.

Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions of single channel short work, so if you'd like your work to be considered please send a miniDV tape to the address below. Please supply a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of submission.

Carolyn Tennant, Hallwalls Media Arts Director
341 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: 716/ 854-1694; fax: 716/854-1696

t: 716-854-1694
f: 716-854-1696

Tues.—Fri. 11-6
Sat. 11-2
Sun. & Mon. closed

from Sep. 16, 2016
through Oct. 28, 2016

Amy Greenan - Eric Magnuson - Brad Phillips - Betty Tompkins

Text has a long and storied history in art and has played a fulsome part of modern and contemporary art movements, where language has been occasionally deconstructed, broken into its formal/visual elements, and treated alternately and simultaneously as painterly and poetic gestures. Over time, we are made persistently aware that language and its constructs are a fluid mechanism, within which meanings change, evaporate, or re-emerge in new, unanticipated ways ...
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Regional Flair Raffle Tickets Still Available
100 tickets at $100 each will be sold. Each ticket gives you four chances to win one of four artworks.

You do not have to be present to win, and the raffle will be held only when 100 tickets are sold. As soon as the hundredth ticket is sold, we will draw the 4 winners, in order from highest value to lowest.

See the works and buy tickets for the raffle here.
Collect Art now offering discounts to Hallwalls members
Collect Art offers its customers an easy way to get started collecting the work of regional artists, and they are now partnering with Hallwalls to extend discounts on commissioned work to our members. Read more about this offer on our Membership page.

15 years ago at Hallwalls

Sat. Sep. 29, 2001

SCOUT'S HONOR (Tom Shepard U.S., 57:00, 2000, video). Presented in-person by Tom Shepard