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Tuesday, May 22 at 7:00 p.m.

$8 general, $6 students/seniors, $5 members

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Tony Tuesday #5: Friends With Tony: "Conraders of Buffalo"

Tony on SkypeSkyping with Tony for class at UB Media Study circa 2009. Note Tony's reflection from projector on TV studio window above stairs.
acoustic c((( logo
Zu Jill Für t0ny Von buffaloCover for musical recording utilized during a performance in Berlin for screening of "Completely in the Present." Sections of Zu Jill Für t0ny Von buffalo will be presented during performance.
Kraftwerkers posterPoster for Kraftwerkers of Buffalo April 2012. The series inspired the notion of "Conraders of Buffalo."

A performance of impressions from Tony Conrad's recorded music by the collective "Enjoy Your Life" and audience participants* incanting TC past and present.

Were you "Friends with Tony" did you want to be "friends with Tony" do you want to be "friends with Tony"?

Friends With Tony: "Conraders of Buffalo"# presents a program of open ended and on-going interpretations of the Tony Conrads. Notabaly bUffalotony (pronounced Buffalo-too-NY! and/or Buffalo-t0ny!).

Conraders of Buffalo will perform a set to inspire the idea that the musical concepts, practices and theories developed by Conrad can be practiced and explored as a template for music in all genres. Whether permitting; a live Skype simulcast of Conraders of Brooklyn, Conraders of Baltimore, Conraders of Berlin and Conraders of Bogotá will take place co-currently with the performance at Hallwalls to celebrate Tony Conrads's innovative use of Skype as a teaching tool.

World Premiere (blah blah blee blah) by "Conraders of Buffalo" of "acoustic (((C" and the first live performance of "Zu jill Für t0ny Von buffalo" both interpretations of Tony Conrad's sound/music recordings. "Conraders of Buffalo" in this incantation is comprised of the musical collective Enjoy Your Life (EYL).

And Recollections:

Shows at mausoleums, tributes in other countries and memorial services in other cities are all great! And yet, did you/do you have something you want to say about T.C.? That guy on Tv? The music played? That recording that changed your life? The person you served on a board with? Who you took a fashion que from? WELL "Friends With Tony" invites you in the spirit of audience participants to speak, sound, gesture you're two cents!!!

Hope to see and hear you then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#Conraders of Buffalo is a re-itteration of the series "Kraftwerkers of Buffalo" by galeries NFS

*As "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" this show will result in on-going initiatives to keep "bUffaloTony's" generosity alive!!!