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Thank you to our Campaign 2018-2019 donors!

The staff and Board of Directors of Hallwalls are deeply grateful for all of your generous year-end contributions to our 2018–2019 Annual Campaign. We launched this year's Campaign via direct mail, email, and social media just before Halloween, and the Campaign will run until well after the New Year. In addition to thanking each and every one of you by mail, we are updating this on-line donor acknowledgement list daily.
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11/10/19: Brunch with Jacob Kassay

11/21/19: Redoubt - directed by Matthew Barney
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10 years ago at Hallwalls

Sun. Oct. 18, 2009
The Ephemeral Mechanics present: Ialdaboath, an Ichthyopoetic, Improvised Folk Drama - Buffalo Sound Painting Ensemble

Using both found and improvised text, extended voice, movement, music and visual art, the Buffalo Sound Painting Ensemble continues its dialogue with the American subconscious, utopianism, electricity ...