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Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 2:00 p.m.


Talking Leaves...Books, Buffalo First, & Hallwalls present

David J. Hess

Localist Movements in a Global Economy: Sustainability, Justice, and Urban Development in the United States

(MIT Press, 2009)
Lecture & Book Signing

The internationalization of economies and other changes that accompany globalization have brought about a paradoxical reemergence of the local. A significant but largely unstudied aspect of new local-global relationships is the growth of "localist movements"—efforts to reclaim economic and political sovereignty for metropolitan and other subnational regions. InLocalist Movements in a Global Economy,David J. Hess offers an overview of localism in the United States and assesses its potential to address pressing global problems of social justice and environmental sustainability.

Since the 1990s, more than 100 local business organizations have formed in the United States, and there are growing efforts to build local ownership in the retail, food, energy, transportation, and media industries. In this first social science study of localism, Hess adopts an interdisciplinary approach that combines theoretical reflection, empirical research, and policy analysis. His perspective is not that of an uncritical localist advocate; he draws on his new empirical research to assess the extent to which localist policies can address sustainability and justice issues.

After a theoretical discussion of sustainability, the global corporate economy, and economic development, Hess looks at four specific forms of localism: "buy local" campaigns; urban agriculture; local ownership of electricity and transportation; and alternative and community media. He then examines "global localism"—transnational local-to-local supply chains—and other economic policies and financial instruments that would create an alternative economic structure. Localism is not a panacea for globalization, he concludes, but a crucial ingredient in projects to build more democratic, just, and sustainable politics.

Localist Movements in a Global Economy: Sustainability, Justice, and Urban Development in the United States
David J. Hess
Edition: illustrated
Published by MIT Press, 2009
ISBN 0262512327, 9780262512329
312 pages