Media Arts Program

Friday, March 25, 1988


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Ela Troyano (visiting from New York) presents TOTEM OF THE DEPRAVED (1984, 35 min, multi-screen film); and BLOND VOODOO (1987, psychedelic multi-screen light show incantation for the new fashion-victim). Introduction by Dancenoise. [Nicaraguan poet Yolanda Blanco, Cuban American novelist Oscar Hijuelos (a few years before his Pulitzer Prize for MAMBO KINGS), and Columbian writer Jaime Manrique read at LA PALMA DE ORO. Robbie McCauley performs INDIAN BLOOD. Novelists Charles Johnson and Clarence Major read at Hallwalls and participate in forum on Black fiction at UB Filipino filmmaker Ela Troyano present their films. —E.C.]

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