Media Arts Program

Sunday, June 3, 1990


Presented at:
Hallwalls : The Vault

Presented by curator Martin Rumsby. Films Screened: A LITTLE OLDER (Marsha Herle, 1988, black and white); NIGHTFALL (M.M. Serra, 1984, black and white); TURNER (M.M.Serra, 1985, color). MONDRIAN VOOR REBECCA (John Gagne, 1989, color); STILL POINT (Barbara Hammer, 1990, color); NIGHT MOON (Donna Cameron, 1986, color); RAGE NET (Stan Brakhage, 1988, color); LOUD VISUAL NOISES (Stan Brakhage, 1988, color); THE FEAR OF CANCER (Keith Elliott, 1983, black and white); REVERSE TRANSCRIPTIONS (Sandra Moore, 1989, color)

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