Media Arts Program

Sunday, October 7, 1990

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
The Film Bureau, Film/Video Arts


Presented at:

Works to be screened include: WE'RE TALKING VULVA (Shawna Dempsey); TWO MEN IN SEARCH OF A PLOT (John Kozak); SPRINGTIME IN GREENLAND (John Paizs); THE MILKMAN COMETH (Lorne Bailey); RABBIT PIE (The Winnipeg Film Group); THE OBSESSION OF BILLY BOTSKI (John Paizs) 
[NOTE: At the Hallwalls archives in the Poetry Collection, a special collection of the University at Buffalo Libraries, there is audio documentation of an interview from June 5, 1997 (produced by CBC Radio, Winnepeg).  “Ed Cardoni Talks Vulva” discusses Dempsey and Millan, the Winnipeg-based duo who had work screened at Hallwalls in 1996 Ways In Beng Gay and were Hallwalls Artists-In-Residence Project (HARP) in 1998. For more on the subject of Hallwalls mission and freedom of speech please see our newly digitized Consider the Alternatives: 20 Years of Contemporary Art at Hallwalls, as well as the recently published  interview with Hallwalls executive director Ed Cardoni by Media Arts Director Carolyn Tennant at the Art Spaces Archives Project.]

Some publications related to this event:
September and October, 1990 - 1990