Media Arts Program

Wednesday, April 3, 1991


Presented at:

INFERMENTAL 9: VIENNA EDITION screening of Programs #1 and #2. Program #1: MODELS AND CONSTRUCTION including: 12 STUCKE/12 PIECES (Karl Kowanz, 1988, Austria, 17min excerpt from the performance TWO ROOMS by Pas Paravant); MUTTER VATER IST TOT/MOTHER FATHER IS DEAD (Raskin Stichting, 1987, West Germany, 6min); DANCE #6 (Rafael Montanez Ortiz, 1985-86, USA, 2:47min); SONATA PER GUIRARRA ELECTRONICA PREPARATA NO. 1, MOV. 3 (Muki, 1987-88, Austria, 5min); FANY + TUTE (Ute Meta Bauer and Susanne Muller, 1987, West Germany, 5:30min); EXPANDABLE LANGUAGE WITH David Moss (Thomas Draudt, 1988, USA, 6:10min); SIIRTYMIA/TRANSITIONING (Harri Larjosto, 1988, Finland, 8:48min); DER HERZSCHLAG DES ANUBIS/ANUBIS HEARTBEAT (Bettina Gruber and Maria Vedder, 1988, West Germany, 5min); PAS DE TANGO/TANGO STEP OR NO TANGO (Michael Langoth, 1988, Austria, 6min). Program #2: A COCKTAIL OF THE SENSES including: EXPOSED (Ilse Gassinger, 1988-89, Austria, 8min); CSABITAS/AURORA 41/TEMPTATION/AURORA 41 (Eirka Katalina Pasztor, 1988, Hungary, 7:18min); HOLIDAYS IN EUROPE (Didier Bay, 1992, France, 7:30min); DEKLICA Z ORANZO/THE GIRL WITH AN ORANGE (Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid, 1987, Yugoslavia, 9:35min); ATUDE (Helmut Stadlmann, 1988, Austria, 2min); DE APPEL-ETERS/THE APPLE-EATERS (Yvonne Oerlemans, 1988, Netherlands, 7min); FLAMINGO'S BLOW — NEUN VIDEOBILDER ZU ALLERLEI LUST/FLAMINGO'S BLOW — NINE VIDEO-SCENES ABOUT ALL KINDS OF LUST (Ernst Jurgens, 1988, West Germany, 6:45min); PERILS (Abigail Child, 1987, USA, 5min); ALICE AND LENA/A WORK IN PROGRESS (Mary Patierno, 1988, USA, 14min)

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