Media Arts Program

Saturday, May 22, 1993


Presented at:

FAR FROM HOLLY NEAR: recent music videos by women. Women rappers, all-girl rock bands, and others including: CURRENT FLOW (Gay Men's Health Crisis, 1989, 5min); POPE DON'T PREACH (Scarlot Harlot, 1990, 5min); PLEASE MR. PRESIDENT (Ladies of the Lake, 1992, 5min); Diamanda Galas: Excerpt from PLAGUE MASS (from SPHINXES WITHOUT SECRETS by Maria Beatty, 1991, 15min); THE SPY (Suzie Silver and Hester Reeve, 1992, 5min); Two Excerpts from BUFFALO TALENT SHOWCASE (assembled by Jimmie Green, approximately 10min); RESPECT IS DUE (Cyrille Phipps, 1992, 10min); WANTED (Bytches with Problems, 1993, 5min).

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