Media Arts Program

Wednesday, February 28, 1996


Presented at:
Center for the Arts (University at Buffalo)

New Films and Video About Being Alone curated by Elisabeth Subrin, including: AN EPIC FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS (Nancy Andrews, 1995, 6 min, 16mm to video); TRUE CONFESSIONS OF AN ARTIST (Kristen Stroltmonn, 1994, 6min, video, black and white); POSSESSION (Laura Nix, 1994, 6min, super-8 to video); THE FIGHT (Jeanine Oleson, 1995, 3min, 16mm to video); SAPPHIRE AND THE SLAVE GIRL (Leah Gilliam, 1995, 18min, video); I, BEAR (Helen Mirra, 1995, 6min, video, color); SWALLOW (Elisabeth Subrin, 1995, 28min, video, black and white); GERMAN SONG (Sadie Benning, 1995, 6min, super-8 to video, black and white); MY FAILURE TO ASSIMILATE (Cecilia Dougherty, 1995, 20min, video)

Some publications related to this event:
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