Media Arts Program

Friday, October 11, 1996

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
The University at Buffalo, Department of Media Study and Video Data Bank


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Program 4: LATE 1960'S AND EARLY 1970'S DECENTRALIZED COMMUNICATION PROJECTS. The tapes in this program demonstrate the aspirations for radical communications and decentralized media that evolved out of the 1960's. MAYDAY REALTIME [David Cort and Curtis Ratcliff, 1997= Correct?]; SELECTED TAPES 1971: WOMEN'S LIBERATION MARCH NYC, GAY PRIDE MARCH NYC, YOUNG LORDS OCCUPY MANHATTAN CHURCH, NATIVE AMERICAN ACTION AT PLYMOUTH ROCK (People's Video Theatre: Ken Marsh and Elliot Glass, 1971-2); PARTICIPATION (Woody and Steina Vasulka, 1969-1971); FIRST TRANSMISSION OF ACTV (ACTV and George Stoney, 1972); JONESBORO STORYTELLING FESTIVAL: Kathryn Windham TELLING GHOST STORIES (Broadside TV, 1974); THE POLITICS OF INTIMACY (Julie Gustafson, 1974); ATTICA INTERVIEWS (Portable Channel, 1971); QUEEN MOTHER MOORE SPEECH AT GREENHAVEN PRISON (Anonymous NYC Cable Producers, 1973); THE LAST GRADUATION (Barbara Zahm, 1996). Fourth of an 11-part series on the history of video and film art's experimental first decade and a half. [VERIFY INFORMATION]

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