Media Arts Program

Friday, March 16, 2001


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John Knecht presents his experimental computer processed animations, including: THE POXIOX STUDY: TALES OF THE END OF THE WORLD; 301 NAILS...NO AIR LOSS!; THE POSSIBLE FOG OF HEAVEN; THE WOBBLE DOBBLE SERIES

Artist-in-residence John Knecht will present his experimental computer processed animations, including The POXIOX Study: Tales of the End of the World, 301 Nails…No Air Loss!, The Possible Fog of Heaven, and The Wobble Dobble Series. The POXIOX Study (pronounced: pox ox), is a layering of narratives which Knecht describes as "the moment of rapture at the end of the world on New Years Eve at the dawn of the Third Millennium. Follow along with Nixy and Pickles, Shiva, Buster the Duck and Mr. Capricorn as they break through the pressure wall and enter the swirls of eternity." In The Possible Fog of Heaven "Elvis speaks for the first time from the afterlife, describing his experience in Heaven." The iconoclastic Knecht, who will be at Hallwalls from March 13 through the 17th preparing a multimedia installation in our gallery, will present these whimsical pieces in person.

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