Media Arts Program

Saturday, February 16, 2002

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
Carnegie Art Center, and the New York Foundation for the Arts Artists & Audiences Exchange Program


Presented at:
Carnegie Art Center

Zoe Beloff's presentation of A Mechanical Medium was the highlight of last year's art season. She is returning to the Carnegie Art Center to work more magic with her cinematic toys, archaic projectors, and stereoscopic slide projectors. Beloff is fascinated by phantoms, by images that, "are not there." She would like to think of herself as an heir to the 19th century mediums whose materialization seances conjured up unconscious desires, in the most theatrical fashion. Though lacking psychic abilities, she confesses to relying on cinematic illusionism-or one could say the cinematic "medium."

Shadow Land or Light from the Other Side is a 3D film based on the 1897 autobiography of Elizabeth D'Esperance, a materialization medium who could produce full body apparitions. Her story forms a structure to explore how the 19th century conceived of the "virtual".

Zoe Beloff grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. She teaches film and digital media at City College and film directing at Columbia University. She has collaborated with composer John Cale, the Wooster Group theater company, and sound artist Ken Montgomery.

Zoe Beloff is a 2001 Artists Fellow of the New York Foundation for the Arts. Her performance is co-sponsored by "Artists & Audiences Exchange," a public service program of NYFA. The performance is in conjunction with the Carnegie Art Center's gallery opening of Side Other Side, curated by Ghen Zando-Dennis and featuring New Media Work by Tirtza Even, Shannon Kennedy, Harun Farocki and Zoe Beloff.

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