Media Arts Program

Friday, May 3, 2002

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
The University at Buffalo


Presented at:

A series of collaborative student works utilizing interactive technologies from virtual reality to robotics. VIRTUAL TALES directed by Josephine Anstey; featuring: Paul Costa (SINISTER CHESS); Young-Seok Kim (BOINK); Chris Coleman, Chris Galbraith, Ivan Itchkawich, Adrian Levesque and Dan Neveu (XENODICHEION); Josephine Anstey, Amit Makwana, Sara Nohejl, Dave Pape (THE TRIAL THE TRAIL); Richard Schuster, Mike Venezia and Sara Nohejl (CRYSTAL BEACH LOG RIDE OF DOOM); and Josh Penfold. REAL-SPACE ELECTRONIC ART (Directed by Paul Vanouse; participating Artists: Renee Bieron; Chris Coleman; Joe Engelhaupt; Ryan Ettipio; Chris Galbraith; Jason Lecht; Darren Lee; Ann Marie Lepkyj; Dan Medina; Sharon Poon; Ryan Schoelerman; Beth Stolzman; and Jennifer Wiegand). PHYSICAL COMPUTING (Directed by Carlos Szembek; Participating Artists: Coleman Haus; Ben Julian; Lindsay Stern; Jeff Taylor)

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