Media Arts Program

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Jenny Perlin, Trebor Scholz, Christoph Spehr, and Laura McGough


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Shifting Margins: The Work of Jenny Perlin, Trebor Scholz, Christoph Spehr, and
Laura McGough
$5 general, $4 members, FREE to students

Hallwalls’ Shifting Margins is an on-going series of time-based work addressing issues of borders, dislocation, and transgression.
Join us for screenings and discussions about collaboration and cultural processes with Brooklyn-based filmmaker Jenny Perlin, UB professor Trebor Scholz, German cultural critic Christoph Spehr, and artist and curator Laura McGough. The work discussed by this international quartet is an informal run-up to the FREE COOPERATION conference to take place over the weekend of April 24 & 25 at SUNY UB, North campus.

Jenny Perlin will screen her recent films ALL AMERICAN DINNER (3 min., 2002, 16mm), a collection of menus and lists of foods culled from research describe the "typical All-American Dinner,” and VIEW FROM ELSEWHERE (21 min., 2002, video), a film commissioned by the Swiss "national" exposition, the Expo 02, that reminds us that border closings, forced deportations, and travel restrictions have real, tangible effects on peoples’ lives.

Laura McGough will be at Hallwalls to speak about NOMADS, a non-profit new media collective she works with that is dedicated to developing global pathways, real or virtual, connecting artists, institutions and audiences. Members of NOMADS will also be on hand to document Hallwalls’ site for archival purposes before our move to downtown Buffalo this Spring.

Christoph Spehr is a German critic, video maker, and writer who straddles many fences. He works for the Alaska Magazine on Internationalism, as a freelancer for the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin, and as office help for the Uni-kindergarden, Bremen. Since 2000 he has organized the annual conference “Out of This World! Science-Fiction, Politics, Utopia.” He has published several books, including The Eco-Trap: Sustainable Developement and Crisis (1996), Aliens Among Us! Domination and Liberation in the Democratic Age (1999), and More Equal Than Others: A Foundation of Free Cooperation (2003).

Trebor Scholz will introduce his recent projects about databases and the city, as well as discuss the ins and outs of collaborating with various cultural workers on the conference.

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