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Saturday, July 8, 2006

Waiting and Wanting: Short films and videos presented by guest curator Karyn Sandlos

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Waiting and Wanting
Short films and videos presented
by guest curator Karyn Sandlos

Moohead by Deirdre Logue (1 min./Canada/16mm/video/1999)
W.C. by Ana Mazhari (8 min./Colombia/video/2001)
Contemporary Artist by Ximena Cuevas (5 min./Mexico,USA/video/1999)
Anal Masturbation and Object Loss by Steve Reinke (6 min./Canada/video/2002)
Family Outing by Mark Bradley (5.5 min/Canada/16mm/2001)
Her Glacial Speed by Eve Heller (5.5 min./USA/16mm/2001)
Weighing...and Wanting by William Kentridge (6.5 min./South Africa/video/1997)
Red Buffalo Skydive by Judith Norris (3.5 min./Canada/video/2001)
Christian Porn by Roy Mitchell (6 min./Canada/video/2000)
Cinema and Visual Pleasure by Annie MacDonell (9 min./Canada, France/16mm/2001)

Guest curator Karyn Sandlos is a Ph.D. candidate in the Faculty of Education at York University, a curator, writer and independent filmmaker. She is the co-editor (with Mike Hoolboom) of the volume of writings on autobiographical artists' film and video, Landscape with Shipwreck: First-Person Cinema and the Films of Phillip Hoffman (2001). She is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Images Festival, and a former member of the Toronto programming collective Pleasure Dome. The Waitingƒand Wanting tour will visit six venues in 2004-06: The Agnes Etherington Center (Kingston); Available Light Screening Collective (Ottawa); The Film Pool (Regina); Video Pool (Winnipeg); The Mount St. Vincent University Art Gallery (Halifax); and Hallwalls (Buffalo).

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