Media Arts Program

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
UB Arts Management Program, UB Humanities Institute

Masters of Business Art: a fields-of-flow documentary movie about flow between art & management in Europe

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Screening & discussion, presented in-person by the filmmaker, author, & scholar Pierre Guillet de Monthoux

Prof. Guillet de Monthoux, this month's distinguished visiting scholar at UB's fledgling Arts Management Program, heads the Europe-based research unit Fields of Flow (Art and Business) whose numerous innovative research results include the film Masters of Business Art; Liedership, a musical about aesthetic management on CD; ten doctoral theses; and the widely acclaimed book The Art Firm: Aesthetic Management & Metaphysical Marketing from Wagner to Wilson (Stanford University Press, 2004).

This free screening (and discussion) at Hallwalls—made possible with a grant from the New York Council for the Humanities (NYCH)—is the U.S. premiere of the film, which had its European premiere at the Basel Art Fair in June of this year.

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