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Friday, May 11, 2007

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Jim Finn


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(2006, 71min)

Director and HARP artist Jim Finn in person

During the early 1970s, East German cosmonauts and their allies attempted to establish socialist colonies on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Jim Finn uses a variety of strategies to tell the story of this secret project in his debut feature: from mockumentary, complete with faked archival footage and beautifully reconstructed miniature sets, to retro musical dance sequences set to a German pop soundtrack by Jim Becker (Califone) and Colleen Burke (We Ragazzi). The cast, which includes guinea pigs, features the filmmaker himself.

ABOUT Jim Finn
We welcome Jim Finn to Buffalo as part of our 2007-08 Hallwalls Artist-in-Residence Project. Born in St. Louis in 1968, Finn currently resides in Troy, New York. His films and videos have screened at festivals and venues as diverse as the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the Harvard Film Archive. His first feature-length film Interkosmos premiered at the 2006 Rotterdam film festival and is currently distributed by Thrill Jockey. La Trinchera Luminosa del Presidente Gonzalo is his most recent work, which had its premier at the 2007 New York Underground Film Festival.