Media Arts Program

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Orkan Telhan


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Please join us for the public inauguration of Vendmaster 4000, a special model candy dispenser designed as a language game between machines and people. Come and deposit your 25 cents and choose one of our very special flavors ("Korean Skittles", "German Mike and Ike" and "Indian Hot Tamales")... Now, all you need to do is to convince the machine that you can speak well to get your candy. Didn't work? Here is your money back... Play it again please!

Vendmaster 4000
...While we are in the midst of developing new intelligences in the form of companion agents, military robots, smart housekeepers or kitchen utensils, we are often not aware of the fact that a new kind of 'other', a stranger is emerging from this machine culture. This is a mute other, a stranger that does not speak, look or behave like the rest of us, but someone who gains more and more presence every day. While most machines embody their prescribed roles in the labor economy, some alter form and function and become alien subjects that remind us the lives and conditions of human others, the immigrants, in their encounter and struggle with their others- the locals, or residents of native cultures...

Orkan Telhan is a visiting scholar at the MIT Mobile Experience Lab. He recently finished his studies at the MIT Media Lab, Sociable Media Group. Prior to that, Orkan studied Media Arts at The State University of New York at Buffalo.

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