Media Arts Program

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Angelique Bosio


Presented at:

Llik Your Idols
(2007, 70min)
You Killed Me First
(1985, 11min)

In a 1984, punk filmmaker Nick Zedd captured the feelings of many underground filmmakers in a manifesto published pseudonymously in the Underground Film Bulletin: "There will be blood, shame, pain and ecstasy, the likes of which no one has yet imagined. None shall emerge unscathed. Since there is no afterlife, the only hell is the hell of praying, obeying laws, and debasing yourself before authority figures, the only heaven is the heaven of sin, being rebellious, having fun, fucking, learning new things and breaking as many rules as you can. This act of courage is known as transgression. We propose transformation through transgression—to convert, transfigure and transmute into a higher plane of existence in order to approach freedom in a world full of unknowing slaves."

In Llik Your Idols (2007), French filmmaker Angelique Bosio explores the Cinema of Transgression and the No Wave scene that inspired filmmakers, artists, and musicians in Downtown New York during the 80s. The documentary features a plethora of footage, as well as interviews with many artists from this movement, including several who visited Hallwalls during this time including Richard Kern, Bruce LaBruce, Lydia Lunch, Thurston Moore, Nick Zedd, among others.

Following the documentary will be a special screening of Richard Kern's emblematic You Killed Me First (1985). This super 8 short exposes the revolting dysfunction of the middle-class nuclear family, and features performances by Lung Leg as the irate daughter, Karen Finley as the bothered mother and the late David Wojnarowicz as the lunatic father. Both Finley and Wojnarowicz performed at Hallwalls, and the tapes documenting their performances have recently been restored thanks to a video preservation initiative.

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