Media Arts Program

Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 8:00 p.m.

$7 general, $5 students/seniors, $4 members

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Termite TV: The Basics Trilogy


Based in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Buffalo, the Termite TV collective have produced over 40 programs since 1992, making works that question assumptions, speak truth to power, and make you laugh out loud. This screening features selections from Termite's latest series of shows—"Water," "Food," and "Shelter"—with works by Dorothea Braemer, Mike Keutemeyer, Meg Knowles, Carl Lee, Brian Milbrand, A.Q. Quintero, Joanna Raczynska, Deborah Rudman, Anula Shetty, Sara Zia Ebrahimi, and more. Presented in person by Termite TV members. WATER TIME PHASE (Michael Kuetemeyer); FIND THE LEAK (Bob Hering & Maria Cortese Hering); H2O A BUFFLUXUS VOCAL REALIZATION (Michael Basinski, Don Metz, Ho Eui Bewlay, Kevin Thurston);  GREAT LAKES WATER QUALITY AGREEMENT REVIEW (Meg Knowles and Brian Milbrand); FLOW (Anula Shetty); OLD FAITHFUL (Michael Kuetemeyer); WEE FOR A WII (Joanna Raczynska); COSTA VERDE (Courtney Grim); IT'S AN ISSUE OF TRUST (A.Q. Quintero); ERIE CANAL LOCKS (Meg Knowles); EARL BUTZ (Dorothea Braemer and Brian Milbrand); EAT THIS (Stefani Bardin); STEAK (Carl Lee and Dorothea Braemer); NORTH PHILLY BEAN SCENE (Deborah Rudman, A.Q. Quintero, Anula Shetty); EDIBLE ESTATES: A FRITZ HAEG PROJECT (Erroll Webber, Commissioned by the Contemporary Museum of Baltimore); CONTAMINATED GM (Josh Shore, Guerilla Network TV); I FEED (Anula Shetty, Mike Kuetemeyer and Rohan), GAY FOOD (Stefani Bardin, Dorothea Braemer, and Carl Lee); SPILT MILK (Joanna Raczynska); A PORTAL THROUGH (Caroline Savage); BODINE STREET (Anula Shetty and Mike Kuetemeyer, in collaboration with Scribe Video Center, Philadelphia Folklore Project, Community Leadership Institute and Gail Lloyd; dedicated to the memory of Rosemary Cubas); PROMISSORY NOTE (Michael Kuetemeyer); UP AGAINST (Words: Mytili Jagannathan; Images: Sara Zia Ebrahimi; Sounds: Gralin Hughes, additional sound: Jake Hockel); SMITH ISLAND CAKE (Debbie Rudman and Jim Brossy; featuring Frank and Bridget Hoban; Music: Mike Hook); OPEN HOUSE (Meg Knowles; Cotton Swab Philosophy Written and Performed by Derek R. Audette via Creative Commons); LIVING HOUSEHOLD (Michael Kuetemeyer and Anula Shetty; Featuring Margaret Levin).

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