Media Arts Program

Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.

Ways In Being Gay : Ways In/Between Gender - 20th Year 1988—2008

G.B. Jones


(2008, 80min)

"Scrappy as hell, yet often charming, it's a lost Degrassi High episode remade as an amateur porn flick and sometimes as sweet as all that candy." (Jason Anderson, Eye Weekly)

Toronto artist and Queercore legend G.B. Jones (founding member of the band Fifth Column and co-publisher with Bruce LaBruce of the fanzine J.D.s) visits Hallwalls to present her latest film, over a decade in the making. Shot on Super 8, the loose-knit narrative follows a "cabal of baby-faced hooligans, queer punks and hustlers as they lick suckers, make out and make mischief in seedy alleyways and crash pads across North America!" (Sarah Liss, Eye Weekly) THE LOLLIPOP GENERATION tells the story of a runaway teenager 'Georgie' (Jena von Brücker), and the people she meets on the street. At the same time, the film serves a diaristic function, documenting the characters and the cities to which Jones traveled over the course of 13 years. With performances by Vaginal Davis, Anonymous Boy, Scott Treleavan, Jen Smith, Joel Gibb, and with music by The Hidden Cameras and Bunny & the Lakers among others!

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