Media Arts Program

Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

The UB Institute for the Research and Education on Women & Gender, and the UB 15th Annual International Women's Film Festival

Emily Hubley

The Toe Tactic

Market Arcade

The Toe Tactic Animator Emily Hubley presents her feature film debut, The Toe Tactic. Features an all-star cast including Glee's Jane Lynch, Kevin Corrigan (Buffalo 66), Mary Kay Place (Being John Malkovich), and director John Sayles, with music by Yo La Tengo. Using live action and animation to portray both the human and magical of realms of a grieving woman struggling to reconnect with the world.
The Toe Tactic "A kind of free-associative, good-humored surrealism informs an oblique story about the serendipities of urban life" (NY Times). A co-presentation of Hallwalls and the UB International Women's Film Festival. 

THE TOE TACTIC, was developed at the Sundance Institute's 2002 Screenwriters’ and 2003 Filmmakers’ Labs. One of the first Annenberg Film Fellows (2004) named by the Sundance Institute, Hubley gathered an eclectic and award-winning ensemble of actors, many veterans of Indy Film and television: along side Emmy-winning Jane Lynch (Glee) who plays Honey Strumpet, the cast includes Big Love’s Mary Kay Place, Grounded for Life’s Kevin Corrigan, and Law and Order: SVU’s Novella Nelson.  Not to be outshined by their live-action co-stars, the narrators of the dogs features an equally impressive roster that includes comedian David Cross and Eli Wallach (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Baby Doll) who received a 2010 Honorary Academy Award.

Mona peek is jarred by delayed grief for her dead father when she finds out her childhood home has been sold. Using live action and animation, Hubley’s film illustrates Mona’s emotional plight, the subject of an esoteric card game played in another dimension by four animated dogs. “By juxtaposing views of reality,” Hubley writes, the film “addresses subjectivity and how it relates to time: memory, loss and the imaginative invention of personal truths.” The audience follows Mona as she ineteracts with human beings and another magical realm where these trickster canines steal objects, impersonate humans, and ultimately intervene in her fate.  “If the imaginative state is that which animates us,” the filmmaker explains, “the telling of one’s story is not complete without its allegorical complement.”  The animated sequences develop a different pace, one that allows Hubley to reveal the underlying themes of nostalgia, desire, death and time. “Finding the new delicate balance between humor and wisdom, character shtick and poetry is imperative for setting the film’s overall tone – that fantasy/wisdom/humor which sits squarely on the shoulders of emotional truth.”

THE TOE TACTIC had its theatrical premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in January 2009 and screened at numerous prestigious film festivals including 2008 SXSW, New Directors/New Films and the San Francisco and Rio de Janiero International Film Festivals.   

Ms. Hubley has been making animated shorts three decades, carrying on the legacy of her parents, the well known animators John and Faith Hubley. Her hand-drawn films explore personal memory and the turbulence of emotional life. Her narration delivers concrete stories while visual elements question, crack wise and embellish the meaning of specific ideas.  Ms. Hubley’s shorts have shown at film festivals, including Sundance and South by Southwest; programs of her films have been presented at The Museum of Modern Art, the Tribeca Film Festival, Ocularis/ Galapagos Art Space and the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar. In addition to her own short films and recent feature, Ms. Hubley created the animated sequences for John Cameron Mitchell’s Hedwig And The Angry Inch, as well as for documentaries such as Everything’s Cool and Blue Vinyl  (Judith Helfand & Dan Gold) and most recently Let The Record Show (Demetrea A Dewald & Sam Kalda).

The screening launches a two-day residency by Emily Hubley, organized by Hallwalls, The UB Gender Institute's  International Women's Film Festival, and Squeaky Wheel/Buffalo Media Resources.

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