Media Arts Program

Monday, September 17, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.


Adrianna Hernandez-Stewart

Turn Up The Heat: PUSH Buffalo's National Fuel Campaign and Scrabble Night


Adrianna Hernandez-Stewart is an MFA candidate in the Department of Media Study at the Univ. at Buffalo, where she is also pursuing a PhD in American Studies. She will present two short documentaries that explore theses of community and justice, including her thesis project, produced in collaboration with Buffalo's People United for Sustainable Housing. 

"Scrabble Night" (running time: 27:00 min) The remarkable women of 41 Eastern Parkway have been neighbors for over twenty years. Now that most of them are retired and have lost their partners, old friendships have grown stronger and new ones have formed. Every Wednesday, they come together to eat, drink, play, and connect. Recently, Scrabble Night's star player Joanne been grappling with the declining health of her husband. Amid the comfort and camaraderie of these evenings, she must come to terms with this painful part of the aging process. 
"Turn up the Heat: PUSH Buffalo's National Fuel Campaign" (running time: 28:00 min) Brenda, Jen, and Bob know firsthand how it feels to have to choose between staying warm in the winter or paying their rent. They and the other members of the grassroots organization PUSH Buffalo have a plan to fix the problem of sky-high heating costs: invest customer, government, and corporate money in home insulation. Gas bills and energy use will go down, while at the same time creating much-needed jobs. But when National Fuel CEO David Smith refuses to meet with them, they are forced to take a different approach to get his attention.