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Friday, June 19, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.

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Jody Laine, Shan Ottey, Shad Reinstein

Mom's Apple Pie

As the LGBT Civil Rights movement was gaining momentum, the 1970s witnessed horrific custody battles for lesbian mothers. The documentary revisits these tumultuous years, through the stories of five mothers and their children, and reveals the trauma of separation faced by these families at the hands of courts. "Being raised by homosexuals was in no way damaging to my psyche or childhood experience," Devin Glaser, son of Jean Kasota, has commented to the Seattle Gay News. "What ultimately proved to be traumatic was the legal system's blatant and unwelcome intervention into our family life, deciding for us what and who constitutes good parents." Rich with archival materials, the film also features interviews with members of the Lesbian Rights Project and the Lesbian Mothers' National Defense Fund who recount their collective struggles. Featuring music by iconic lesbian musicians Margie Adam, Alix Dobkin, Mary Watkins and Cris Williamson.