Music Program

Saturday, April 7, 1990


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THE MUSIC OF La Monte Young. A three concert retrospective of the work of La Monte Young, including works for brass, string trio, piano and guitar. Featuring David Kuehn, trumpet; Duane Saetveit, horns; Lon Gormley, euphonium; Don Harry, tuba; Donald Metz, guitar; Gerald Soffer, trumpet; Lowell Shaw, horns; Richard Myers, Donald Miller, Lon Gormley, and Don Harry, tubas; Sally Martin, violin; Mary Ramsey, viola; Marsha Hassett, cello; Yvar Mikhashoff, piano; and Jan Williams; gong. works include FUGUE IN Eb MINOR (1957); FOR GUITAR (1958); FOR BRASS (1957); STRING TRIO (1958); PRELUDE IN F MINOR (1957); SARABANDE (1959); CANON (1957); STUDY NO. 1 FOR PIANO (1959); STUDY NO.2 FOR PAINO (1959); STUDY NO. 3 FOR PIANO (1959); 882 TO HENRY FLYNT (1960); and LES GRANULES.

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