Music Program

Sunday, October 31, 1993


Presented at:
Burchfield Penney Art Center

BERMUDA TRIANGLE: activist songs by 16 composers. Featuring Dora Ohrenstein (soprano); Kathy Supove (piano); and Robert Black (bassist). Songs included: STICKS AND STONES by Randall Woolf; RISKY by Linda Bouchard; THE TERRACE by John Lindberg; HE GOT DICTATORS by Mary Jane Leach; THE BURGHERS OF ROSTOCK by Frederic Anthony Rzewski; PEOPLE VERSUS by Susan Botti; SO WHAT by Ken Valitsky; PROTEST SONG by Wes York; BROKEN BRANCHES by Judith Weir; THERE IS NO HOPE FOR ART by Conrad Cummings; BLESSED BE by Michael Peter Finnissy; SLAP YOUR NEIGHBOR'S FACE by Stewart Wallace; MEMORIAL 19 FUCKS by Dun Tan; KKK by Michael Daugherty; DO YOU KNOW? by Oliver Lake; and ENOUGH by Eve Beglarian. 

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