Music Program

Sunday, October 31, 1993


Presented at:
Albright-Knox Art Gallery

SONOR: CALIFORNIA/ITALIA. Sonor performs the music of Sylvano Bussotti, Bryan Ferneyhough, Lou Harrison, Gyorgy Ligeti and others. Featuring songs: ETUDES POUR PIANO by Gyorgy Ligeti; THE PEOPLE UNITED WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED! by Frederic Anthony Rzewski; DUE MADRIGALI by Jacopa da Bologna; ARIADNE by Lou Harrison; INSIDE, A QUARTET FOR ONE CONTRABASSIST by Kenneth Gaburo; DE AMORE by Elaine Barkin; SUPERSCRIPTIO by Brian Ferneyhough; THE NIGHT DANCES by John Fonville; REFLECTIONS ON IVES AND WHITTIER by Bertram Turetzky; and SETTE FOGLIE COLLAGE by Sylvano Bussotti.

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