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Saturday, February 23, 2002


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The Beaufluvian Players present Berio's SEQUENZAS featuring: Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman (Flute); Susan Fancher (Soprano Saxophone); Sonja Inglefield (Harp); with Special Guests Mark Engebretson (Alto Saxophone) and Lorena Guillen (Voice)

Hallwalls is pleased to present several master instrumentalists from Buffalo and beyond who will come together to perform a selection of Berio's towering solo instrumental works known as The Sequenzas. The great Italian composer Luciano Berio (b. 1925) occupies a leading position in 20th century music. He is a pioneer of modernist techniques and electronics in composition. In the context of his virtuosic solo Sequenzas, he has devoted over forty years to defining the constant dialogue between interpreter and instrument. This music is extremely demanding of the interpreter. It requires an in depth knowledge of each instrument both technically and historically and the ability to explore the subtle complex nature of the individual voice. Berio writes: "As well as investigating certain specific technical aspects in depth, in the Sequenzas, I've also tried to develop a musical commentary on the rapport between virtuoso and instrument, disassociating elements of performing behavior, so as to then reconstitute them, transformed, as musical unities." The Beaufluvian Players formed in 2001, uniting saxophonist Susan Fancher, flutist Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman, and harpist Sonja Inglefield. The inspiration for this unique ensemble collaboration is, quite simply, a shared passionate desire to pool diverse and considerable musical "chops" to make some wickedly outstanding music. Each of them have received international acclaim for their talents and will demonstrate why in this special performance. The Beaufluvian Players will be joined by special guests saxophonist Mark Engebretson and vocalist Lorena Guillen.

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