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Friday, October 11, 2002


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Resurrection Music


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Born in Chicago on June 14, 1937, pianist/composer Burton Greene is a gifted musician who has made a life-long commitment to improvised music. He has produced over 35 recordings in jazz, electronic, and folk music and has collaborated with a host of other legendary musicians, including Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor, Rashied Ali, Han Bennink, Alan Silva, John Tchicai, Anthony Braxton, Willem Breuker, Roy Campbell, Lou Grassi, Wilber Morris, Sunny Murray, Roswell Rudd, Frank Wright and countless others. Since the 1980s he began exploring eastern European music in depth. His most recent project here has been with Perry Robinson in the klezmer-jazz group Klezmokum, which delves into Greene's eastern European Jewish roots, blending Jewish and Sephardic music with improvised music and jazz. Klez-Jazz is a quartet offshoot of Klezmokum. The music lends itself to the swinging qualities of jazz and the lyrical and highly emotional qualities of Jewish folk music with an emphasis on extended improvisations. The material also has that Balkan swing quality - compositions in odd time signatures like 9/8 and 10/8 etc.

Robinson and Greene are veteran members of the downtown New York avant-garde jazz scene from the mid 1960s. One can easily hear their intense life-long involvement in spontaneous music making which, in this context, inevitably resonates with the richness of their Jewish ancestry as well. They are each on over 40 recordings of their music, with performances all over Europe and the USA during the past 35 years. This free evening promises to be a unique and lively experience hearing master improvisers exploring a mysterious and intoxicating music tradition.

Concert featuring: Burton Greene (piano); Perry Robinson (clarinet); Jay Rozen (Tuba); Kevin Norton (Drums)

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