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Wednesday, October 8, 2003


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Hallwalls and Resurrection Music present:

Wednesday, October 8 • 8:00 p.m.
Sunny Murray with Sabir Mateen
Hallwalls' Black-n-Blue Theatre
Only $5!

Sabir Mateen (tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet)
Sunny Murray (drums)

"Like Baby Dodds and Kenny Klarke before him, Sunny Murray revolutionized the role of the trap drums in jazz. His playing with (Albert) Ayler and (Cecil) Taylor opened up entirely new expressive realms for the instrument, and his influence on the last thirty-five years of improvised music cannot be overestimated. Long in exile from the American scene, Murray made a rare working visit to the states in the summer of 1998. (A) live recording from a Meetinghouse performance in Amherst unites him with an old comrade, the masterful multi-instrumentalist Sabir Mateen who stimulates some of Murray's most intense playing on record since the classic jump up side with Jimmy Lyons. Both men are former citizens of the nation state Philadelphia, Pa, and that pitiless city's deep tradition of great black music courses through the set. If action music furiously energized and immediate is what you dig, this set delivers heavily."
Wire magazine records of the year 1999 review of "We are not at the Opera" –eremite records

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