Music Program

Friday, December 15, 2006 at 8:00 p.m.


Buffalo UnderSound

GreggreG, Cages, Jack Topht with The Vegetables & more ...

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Buffalo UnderSound - GreggreG, Cages, Jack Topht with The Vegetables and more ...

This is sure to be a thrilling evening featuring a few of Buffalo's tastiest subterranean sound delights.

GreggreG (& friends)
GreggreG has played many many shows and recorded many many home recordings. Each song is of it's own diversity, parts coming together in beautiful patterns, improvised mixes can be done in seconds and may even last for up to six hours or so and can be broken down into little sparks of genius. GreggreG can do what no one else can do, and it will forever remain a mystery locked deep inside his souls, peering out once in a while to be heard by the creatures of the Universe or viewed by the portals in undeserving and sometimes deserving eyes. oh yeah, we are GreggreG. we play and have played: drum machine, vocalish chants and stuff, keeburds, tone modules, effects, broken sampler, good samplers. we dance if we want to, digital geeter and geeters untuned, ambient-rhythmuk-mush, we like the midi sometimes, we like to play. we are GreggreG.

Focusing on combining the organic with the inorganic, losing boundries/limitations, an obsession with tapes, field recordings, pipe dreams and using vocals as musical glue. Combining two worlds all the way from the deepest blackest ocean trench to the frozen stars in the cosmos and through portholes to other dimensions. Solo project, formed after the break up of rock band, Elad Love Affair.


One woman band Lindsey Lemberski (The Vegetables) produces keyboard bass lines with her right hand and kick snare combos with the rest of her limbs. Jack Topht pontificates, improvises, and cracks wise (sometimes resorting to scatologics) on top of Lindsey's perfectly minimal rhythm beds to deliver a finely honed stream of free american rock-n-roll cranked up to the jiggawatts. The jiggawatt magnitude comes from each member actively realizing their utmost potential in the joining of music and voices. Kool Keith, Bob Dylan, Jonathan Richman, and King Missile could all be cited as influences for this punk band pared down to it's most essential components. Jack Topht is a post-modern preacher/performer that explores a range of characters, topics and sensibilities (sarcastically or dead pan and often both) through constantly shifting improvised lyrics molded to each performance.

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