Music Program

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
Resurrection Music and Prohelvetia (the Swiss Arts Council)

Brötzmann's Full Blast Trio


Presented at:

Peter Brötzmann (reeds)
Marino Pliakas (electric bass)
Michael Wertmüller (drums)


Peter Brötzmann (Germany, reeds) - the living legend of the European new jazz. He has exemplified European improvised music for over 40 years and participated in countless international collaborations. A founder of European Free Jazz movement, his work includes collaborations and recordings with Last Exit (with Bill Laswell, Sonny Sharrock and Ronald Shannon Jackson), Evan Parker, Misha Mengelberg, and Borah Bergman. Recent projects include Die Like a Dog (with William Parker, Hamid Drake and Toshinori Kondo), his homage to Albert Ayler, the Chicago-based Brötzmann Tentet and many more. His first album Machine Gun released in 1968 still represents the reference for the musicians and critics. Considering his 40-year-career and more than 100 albums, but also many current projects, Brötzmann is still one of the most influential figures of the new music.

In this new trio his associates will be bassist Marino Pliakas (Switzerland) and drummer Michael Wertmüller (Switzerland/Germany). Brötzmann-Pliakas-Wertmüller toured since fall 2004 in USA, CAN, Germany, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Egypt, Russia. Festivals: Seattle Earshot Jazz Festival, Winnipeg send+receive, Tampere Jazz Happening, AudioArt Krakow, Angelica Festival Bologna, Moers Festival, Lisbon Jazzfestival, Long Arms Moscow etc.

Wertmüller and Brötzmann toured for years as a duo and in various contexts: Brötzmann's Chicago Tentett, very successful record of the two together with William Parker, etc. Wertmüller and Pliakas worked together on various occasions (touring together in various bands on festivals all over Europe e.g. SKIF-Festival St.Petersburg/Russia, Kaunas Jazzfestival/Lithuania, RingRing Festival Belgrade/Serbia, Nozart Festival Cologne/Germany, Xperipheria Budapest/Hungary, Long Arms Festival Moscow/Russia, Cross-linX festival Enschede and Utrecht/Netherlands, Festival Victoriaville/Canada etc. together with Peter Brötzmann, Caspar Brötzmann, Stephan Wittwer, John Cale, Holger Csukay, KK.Null, Jaki Liebezeit, Marian Gold and others; cooperation with Pliakas' avant trio STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND). Both of them toured the whole world with their various bands (MW: William Parker Trio, Alboth!, 16-17, W2; MP: steamboat switzerland, sludge 2000 etc.) Be open for an extraordinarily intense high-energy improv trio featuring the European free jazz legend Peter Brötzmann.

"Best gig I have seen EVER! Aggressive and violent free jazz with speed of grindcore. There is no way to analyze the gig. It was just pure energy! Marino Pliakas played bass with overdrive effects and it is hard to even image how brutal his sound was. Drum playing of WertmŸller was something between Mick Harris and Rashied Ali, chaotic, intense and fucking raw. The maestro Brötzmann himself screamed through the reeds aggressive way and his playing was just amazing. For fuck sake grindcore is easy listening if you compare it to the intense of Brötzmann, Pliakas and Wertmüller!" (Wonderful World of Master Sweetcore)

This tour is supported by the Swiss Arts Council.

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