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Saturday, October 27, 2007

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This concert was supported by a grant from the New York State Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

Robert Dick / Ursel Schlicht Duo

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Robert Dick (flutes)
Ursel Schlicht (piano)

A common pairing in classical music, flute-piano duos are rare in improvised music. But as they roam the territory between jazz, new music, and world music, Dick and Schlicht field a host of unusual sonics and techniques so startling that they open new panoramas.

Over the last three decades, Dick has redefined the flute's apparent limits musically and technically. He is a brilliant technician with seemingly effortless mastery of complex breathing, vocalizing, and overtones. Schlicht offers the perfect stimuli and counterpoints. At the piano, she has a quiver full of sharpened skills; she bows them with a sure hand aiming not for bravura but for the soul of each piece. She morphs her keyboards from muffled doom-laden clouds to note-bending koto; she's as likely to play inside the box - the piano sound box, that is - as outside it at the keyboard.

Robert Dick is one of the most prominent of the generation of flutist-composers after World War II who extended the flute's musical language by employing new techniques, such as multiphonics and key noises, to make sounds not previously considered musical. He has also enthusiastically adopted flutes in large sizes or with innovative mechanisms by flute makers such as Eva Kingma to expand the range of sounds available.

Dick's influences come from jazz and eastern musics as well as from experimentation with contemporary techniques. As a flute virtuoso, composer, improviser, and recording artist, as well as author of important treatises on contemporary extended techniques for flute-playing, he has had a widespread influence in turn on new directions in flute-playing.

German-born pianist-composer Ursel Schlicht plays improvised music, jazz, new music and world music. She has collaborated with artists from all over the world at festivals including, most recently, the Symposium fŸr Aktuelle Musik (2005), Guelph Jazz Festival (2004), Jazz Festival Kassel (2004), Festival for Creative Music in Seattle (2004), Melbourne International Women«s Jazz Festival (2003), the Argentinian-Brazilian Festival New York (2002). She has written compositions and arrangements for small and large jazz ensembles, new music ensembles and music for dance theater. Fostering intercultural exchange and collaborations has become an important focus of her work.Collaborations with Bruce Arnold, Jamie Baum, Robert Dick, Leon Dorsey, Dominic Duval, Sandy Evans, Ken Filiano, Christina Fuchs, Gabriele Hasler, Ratzo Harris, Kevin James, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Kyoko Kitamura, Balla Kouyate, Klaus Kugel, Geoff Mann, Denman Maroney, Ravish Momin, Virginia Mayhew, Ravish Momin, Lawrence "Butch" Morris, Bob Mover, Tony Romano, Jay Rosen, Ned Rothenberg, C. Bryan Rulon, Matthias Schubert, Adam Simmons, Uli Sobotta, Steve Swell, Petras Vysniauskas, Anne Wellmer.

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