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Saturday, November 17, 2007

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Ras Moshe Quartet


Presented at:

Ras Moshe (tenor sax, woodwinds)
David Ross (electric guitar)
Shayna Dulberger (contrabass)
Rashied Bakr (drums)
[note: Rashied Bakr did not perform on this night. He was replaced by Ravi Padmanabha.]

The latest release on KMB Jazz, Transcendence, finds veteran New York City reeds player Ras Moshe (alto, tenor, clarinet, flute) teaming with Rashid Bakr (drums), Shayna Dulberger (bass) and Dave Ross (guitar) for his first studio release in four years. Following a string of successful live recordings on the Utech label, Moshe has entered the venerable Park West Studios (William Parker, Mark Feldman, Ken Hatfield) in Brooklyn to work with renowned engineer Jim Clouse. With both feet planted firmly in improvised jazz's past and both ears stretching toward the future, Moshe's unique conceptions are vividly brought to life by this powerful group.

Ras Moshe has been playing in various groups throughout New York City for almost twenty years. He is a veteran of the groups of such leaders as William Hooker, Sabir Mateen, Steve Swell and Marc Edwards. His style has been compared to post-1965 John Coltrane and Frank Wright, among others. Born and raised in New York, and with a family history rich in the jazz tradition, Moshe has uniquely positioned himself to bring the lineage of free jazz into the present day.

Rashid Bakr first rose to prominence in the mid 1970s as a member of Cecil Taylor's groups. From there, he went on to play first with Jemeel Moondoc and then with David Murray, David S. Ware, Jimmy Lyons, Frank Wright and Charles Gayle, to name only a few of the estimable musicians who have recognized Bakr's immense talent. Perhaps it is only fitting then, that he joins Ras Moshe on Transcendence in his quest to become the next of the great reedmen.

Dave Ross is a former Bostonian, where he studied at Berklee. There, he worked with Dennis Warren's FMRJE. In the time since, he has led his own ensembles and played with the groups of Henry Grimes, Roy Campbell, Jr. and Steve Swell, among others.

Shayna Dulberger is a young bass player who studied at the Manhattan School of Music and Rutgers University's Gross School for the Arts jazz program. She currently leads and writes compositions for her KillMeTrio (with Darius Jones and Jason Nazary), whose new CD showcases both her articulate compositions and ferocious playing. She plays frequently with Mike Pride, Chris Welcome and John McLellan as well as Ras' various groups.

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