Music Program

Thursday, June 24, 2010 at Doors open at 9:00 p.m.

$10 general, $8 members/students/seniors

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Hallwalls & Soundlab present


Soundlab 110 Pearl St. Buffalo, N.Y.

Matthew Mottel (synthesizer)
Kevin Shea (drums, percussion)

Hailing from New York, Talibam! has been making their presence felt since 2003 through numerous live gigs, self-released cdr's and label releases. Talibam! has toured Europe ten times since 2006 and released 18 records during this period on ESP Disk, Roaratorio, Azul Discografica, Evolving Ear, Pendu Sounds, Wallace Records, Holiday Records, Thors Rubber Hammer, Ecstatic Peace, Gaffer Records, Blackest Rainbow, and others.

2010 for Talibam! has already been a busy year. In March they did their 10th tour of Europe since 2006, performing in Poland for the first time, and more gigs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In May Talibam! returns to Europe for the 11th Tour, and in June they are invited to perform in Montreal at the Suoni per il Popolo Festival on June 20th.

In June 2009, Talibam! released a new studio album full of songs and pop glory wonder titled 'BOOGIE IN THE BREEZE BLOCKS' released on ESP DISK (JUNE 23) the vanguard of independent labels from the 1960s who put out the first Albert Ayler and FUGS albums. Finally Talibam! has found a label to match its frenzy and energy. Also out in 2009 was 'The New Nixon Tapes' (Roaratorio) featuring legendary NY free jazz saxaphonist Daniel Carter. In January they were back in Europe, collaborating with Rhys Chatham and Jean Francois Pauvros in Paris, and headlining the Gaffer Records Festival in Lyon, France. They also recorded with UK saxaphonist Alan Wilkinson for an upcoming release on the BO'WEAVIL record label.

Talibam! is one of the most potent and fascinating bands in contemporary music. The six plus years of interplay between Mottel and Shea has created one of the most unique and exciting live shows and some of the most powerfully recorded documents of any era. At a time when most culture sticks to conservative niche opportunities, Talibam! is interested in expansion and exploration; They manage to part the sea by not sticking to genre, aesthetic predisposition or the usual norms of what being a 'band' is. More inclined to put on a show that any and all will like, and not be stymied by 'avant' type casting, they have won over both unsuspecting and in the 'know' audiences worldwide. The energy of Kevin Shea's full steam drumming is not to be missed, nor is the primal tone of Mottel's synth run through a Marshall Half Stack. Matt Mottel's visage should be familiar to anyone who's been going to shows in NYC in the past ten years. He's been hanging around NYC clubs since he was like 16, and dropping electric mind bombs with his synthesizer in those clubs nearly as long with folks like Awesome Color, Akron/Family, Jeffrey Lewis, Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear), Kenny Wollesen, Chris Corsano, Ras Moshe, Cooper-Moore, Sean Meehan, and his new band Shadow Maps. Kevin Shea's drumming and stage gymnastics have been gazed at with wide wonder through his membership in bands like Storm & Stress (Touch & Go), Coptic Light (No Quarter), People (I and Ear), Peter Evans Quartet (Firehouse 12), Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio), Tyondai Braxton (Battles), Sexy Thoughts (, Mostly Other People Do The Killing (Hot Cup), etc.


"Talibam! take that moment in 'Sister Ray' when John Cale decides to kick the shit out of Lou Reed as their starting point. They rock the shit out in every way imaginable: fury and fun, performance and presence. Talibam are a punk Coltrane, noise as affect - everybody in the audience is left smiling." -

"Floating between free jazz and no wave, Talibam! conjures the holy ghosts of New York City's musical underground while providing a fresh, albeit sweaty, perspective on the politics of noise." - PRINTED MATTER

"Agro-improv troupe Talibam! will surely harsh your mellow. A cross between noise-rock, free-jazz and unabashad fuckeduppedness, Talibam! is audio terrorism at its most playful. Led by drummer Kevin Shea and the hideous gurgles of what might be Speak & Spells (Matt Mottel, synth) suffocating under distortion pedals." - Chris Weingarten, VILLAGE VOICE

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