Music Program

Tuesday, April 3, 1990 at 8:00 p.m.


Presented at:
Albright-Knox Art Gallery

A concert featuring performances by the Buffalo New Music Ensemble: Ferruccio Germani (conductor), Rosemary Vecere (flute), Paul Schlossman (oboe), James Perone (clarinet), Robert Schulz (percussion), Michael McCandless (piano), Kunda Magenau (violin), Marsha Hassett (piano, celeste, cello), Scott Gray-Vickery (counter tenor). The concert featured the films of Lawrence Brose, with accompanying compositions by: EVERBEST, VIRGIL/PIANO SONATA NO. 2 (Virgil Thomson, 1930, tr. by Yvar Mikhashoff, 1989, with film by Lawrence Brose); CHAMNAN (Lawrence Brose/Douglas Cohen, 1990, with film by Lawrence Brose); LOOKING THROUGH THE AIR, FROM THE TRILOGY ELEMENTAL FIGURES (Yvar Mikhashoff, 1990, with film LONG EYES OF EARTH, by Lawrence Brose); RYOANJI (John Cage, 1990, with film by Lawrence Brose); WAR SONGS (Mark Bennett, 1990, with film by Lawrence Brose, poems by Paul Schmidt); STUDY NO. 23 (Conlon Nancarrow, and film by Lawrence Brose).

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