Music Program

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 8:00 p.m.

Stanzi Vaubel

Excursions Into Unknowable Worlds

photo credit: Su Hyun Nam
"Excursions Into Unknowable Worlds is an immersive experience, which guides the audience into deep meditation. The artist asks the viewer to become lost, with faith that from such confusion, a new awareness or way of being will arise.

Initially staged as a site-specific work in the Hi-Temp Warehouse, Excursions will re-invent itself at Hallwalls, from the birds eye view of the glide cam, scrims, and live performers who will draw viewers into this world. "

Hallwalls Live Performers include: Dan Caruso, Lisa Gagnon, Chang Park, Brian Clark, Eric Vlesmas, Mathew Porcello, and Stanzi Vaubel

Hi-Temp Collaborators:

Directed + Written by: Stanzi Vaubel
Cinematography by: Eric Coombs and Samuel Levine
Edited by: Stanzi Vaubel

Choreographic Direction: Melanie Aceto
Lighting Direction: Carlie Todoro-Rickus
Art Direction: Su Hyun Nam
Music Direction: Stanzi Vaubel
Sound Engineering: Dan Caruso
With Production Assistance from: Galia Binder

Performing Dancers: Christiana Buckley, Haley Bjorn, Sarah Lester, Olivia Bergmann, Galia Binder, Michaela Neild, Sarah Dodd, Angel Mammoliti, Monica Karwan, Cynthia Pegado, Alexandra Pawlowski, Amanda Klimek, Courtney Barrow, Brooke Laura, Nina Vega-Westhoff, Colleen McLenigan, Aurora Hastings, Lindsay Daniels

Performing Musicians: Eric Vlesmas, Mathew Porcello, Brian Clark, Lisa Gagnon, Chang Park, James Prude, Luis Blanco, Hamed Zamani Zeshmarzi, John Slobodzian, Connor Sullivan, Lisa Gagnon, Nathan Marshall, John Morano, Stanzi Vaubel