Music Program

Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.

Hallwalls & Colored Musicians Club Jazz Fest 2018 present

Let Me Be Free!: A Piano Tribute to Free Jazz Pioneer Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor
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Four pianists, in a "round robin" format—Simona Premazzi, George Caldwell, Walter Kemp 3, and Michael McNeill—will survey the works of Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman, in the spirit of the great Cecil Taylor (March 15, 1929-April 5, 2018).

"To me, the piano in itself, is an orchestra.…When you think about musicians who are reading music, my contention has always been the energy that you're using deciphering what the symbol is is taking away from the maximum creative energy that you might have had if you understood that it's but a symbol.…I discovered very early that it wasn't quite enough for me to imitate people" (Cecil Taylor).

"The groundbreaking music of Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, and Cecil Taylor—three Black Americans known to a broad-based audience by their first names alone—have impacted successive waves of musicians, not only in jazz but across the musical spectrum. Born within four years of each other, but with dissimilar family backgrounds and distinctly different personal temperaments, Miles, Ornette, and Cecil are individually and collectively American originals. Each has transcended the musical field to influence African-American culture" (Howard Mandel).

Hallwalls was privileged to present a rare solo concert by Cecil Taylor himself in Asbury Hall on April 18, 2009. His first appearance for Hallwalls was back in November 1985, part of that year's New York State New Music Network Tour.