Music Program

Saturday, December 15, 1979


Presented at:

The Performing Composer: David Van Tieghem on amplified percussion instruments and videotape of performance. [See also the entry for December 2, 1979, which, according to the early time line kept in a three-ring binder, indicates that Arthur Russell performed on a double bill on this date—12/15/79—with David Van Tieghem. According to the December 1979 printed calendar, however, their performances are listed separately, with Russell on December 2 and Van Tieghem on December 15. Could Russell's performance, originally scheduled for earlier in the month, have been postponed and combined with Van Tieghem's on the 15th?] [Note: Video documentation of a performance by David Van Tiegham, curated by Tony Conrad and documented by Kathy High, is in the Hallwalls archive at the Poetry Collection, a special collecton of the State University of New York at Buffalo Libraries. The analog videos have been preserved and digitized for access.]

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