Literature Program

Saturday, November 12, 1988


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Performances by: Holly Hughes (WORLD WITHOUT END); Ron D-M-Key (MAKING LOVE WITH THE DOOR OPEN); The Dance of All Persuasions. [First biannual WAYS IN BEING GAY festival, founded by Ron Ehmke. The title, (which like "Hallwalls" itself, everybody gets wrong) is taken from a recurrent phrase in a Gertrude Stein story. Features return engagements by Tim Miller and Holly Hughes in their pre-"NEA 4" days, along with dozens of other artists and writers from across the country. Hallwalls writer-in-resident Hughes appears as a featured participant in the First International Women Playwrights Conference, and organizes some conference events at Hallwalls. — E.C.]

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November and December, 1988 - 1988