Literature Program

Monday, November 3, 1975


Presented at:


"Charles Olson and Vito Acconci present [sic] slides and tapes."

[NOTE: There is a discrepancy between the date listed in the 3-ring binder (and used here) and the date printed on the poster, which, as you can see, is "November 2."]

[NOTE: Although Charles Olson had lived in Buffalo and taught at the University of Buffalo (1963–1965), the poet, scholar, and former Black Mountain College rector had died on January 10, 1970, so obviously any tapes of his work that were presented at Hallwalls in 1975 were not presented by him. Acconci visited Hallwalls on several occasions, both before and after this date, including a residency in October 1975 that resulted in an installation that ran October 31–November 12, 1975, so it is possible he was present, although not certain. E.C. 03/08/2010]

[FURTHER NOTE: George Howell, who founded the Writeratio series earlier that fall of 1975, recalls that Vito Acconci, too, was not in attendance at this Nov. 3 event—any more than was the deceased Olson—presumably having already returned to NYC following his 10-day residency at Hallwalls and the opening of his installation Wallflower Halls on October 31, 1975. So it was George presenting audiotapes of readings by Olson and Acconci to the small audience of 5 or so persons, perhaps sitting in some of the wooden folding chairs arrayed—like wallflowers—against one of eponymous "hall walls," not the artists "presenting" them. E.C. 09/02/2016]