Literature Program

Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 8:00 p.m.


Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
The University at Buffalo, Department of Visual Studies


Presented at:
Asbury Hall (Babeville)

A Destructivist performance by Gary Nickard and Reinhard Reitzenstein with sound support from Buffalo's legendary 1970's era Post-Punk band The Vores featuring Biff Henrich as well as additional Friends.

"In a 1919 essay, Wyndham Lewis posited Nature and Design as the antipodes of representation. Excessive concern with Nature leads to pure content, to allow Design to dominate is to force the work to surrender to pure form. As he describes it, the artist devours, or conversely, is devoured, as one monster struggling against an equivalent monster.

"Acknowledging a debt to both Raphael Montanez-Ortiz and Richard Hulsenbeck, Monsters is a duet of ritualized violence and stifled catharsis emerging from the dying shrieks of two sacrificial pianos, set against a starkly jagged swirl of throbbing guitar feedback and pulsing percussion. The resulting sound sculpture presents a darkly ceremonial existentialist confrontation that underscores the dissensus of the current historical moment."
Gary Nickard is an artist living and working in Buffalo. Reinhard Reitzenstein is an artist living and working in Grimsby Ontario.

Biff Henrich — Founder along with Gary Nickard and guitar player of post/punk art/rock band The Vores.
Catherine Carfagna — Versatile Buffalo musician from a litany of Buffalo bands such as The Jazzabells and The Voice of Cheese. Currently keyboard player with both The Vores and The Outlyers.
Dave Meinzer — Longtime stalwart of the Buffalo Indie music scene and numerous area bands. Currently guitar player and singer for The Outlyers.
Joe Bompczyk — Guitar legend with The Enemies, The Restless and other notable bands. Currently the leader of The Dead Cowboys.
Scott Ryan — Local wunderkind and currently guitar player in The Vores.
Guillermo Izquerdo — Guitar player with bands such as Bread Gone Wry and currently with The Corrections.
Tyrone Georgiou — Guitar player as well as photographer and Assistant Dean at UB.
Patty Wallace — Local painter and photographer as well as guitar player.
Brian Grunert — Bass player in buffalo bands such as Wisdom of Children and Velvet Devil. A Grammy award winning designer to boot!
Patrick Heyden — Drummer extraordinaire with various bands and currently the beat behind The Vores.
Thom Furtado — Well-known and respected percussionist.
Phil Aguglia — Kettle drums

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