Literature Program

Thursday, May 28, 1981


Presented at:

An evening of short pieces performed by local artists featuring MAP; Tony Billoni; Tony Conrad; Keith Sanborn.
Video Documentation exists of the following performances:
"Disco Funk Babe & Cerebral/Frames/Movement" by  Monique Dash; Lee Franke; Sue Kiritsis; Dennis Maloney & Victor Shanchuk
"Above and Below Humanity" by Tony Billoni; includes performances by Tony Billoni, Tony Conrad, Gina Sully, & Lori Engels.
"Title Included: No Notes" by Tony Conrad
"Maybe They Could Use a Little Discipline. Perhaps If We Tied Them To A Stick For a Week, They’ll Know How to Stand at Attention" by Keith Sanborn

[Note: Video documentation of this event is in the Hallwalls archive at the Poetry Collection, a special collecton of the State University of New York at Buffalo Libraries. The analog videos have been preserved and digitized for access.]

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