Performance Art Program

Thursday, February 23, 1984


Presented at:

A variety of performances by artists working in different media including: Ed Cardoni; Ron Ehmk(e); Dave Fasano; Stiller Dawson Fisher; Kevin Fix; Biff Henrich; George Howell; I Can Read Books As Well; Eric Malossi; Joel Resnikoff; Greg Schmidt; John Sheppard and Russ Shoenwetter; Paul Szp; among others. [Note: Old timeline indicates that the event featured "A juxtaposition of a number of live performances with performances prerecorded on film or videotape investigating the interface of the real event and its document, with live performances by Biff Henrich; Bob Collignon; Ron Ehmke; Anne Wayson; George Howell; Erich Haeger; Sherry Murawski; Jeff Shaeffer; Jim Redding; Sherrie Summers; and Victor Tabinski."]

Documentation tapes indicate the following details from this event:
“Like a Worm” by Biff Henrich, with Bob Collignon; “The Balance of Terror is the Terror of Balance” by Ron Ehmke and Anne Wayson; “Self Analysis” by George Howell; “I Can Read Books” by Eric Hager, Sherry Murawski, and Karen Rademacher. Intro. to “Gloam” by Fritz Bacher; Wendy Maharry, music; Joel Resnikoff; Jeff Schaeffer; Jim Redding, music; “Walldolls” (film/text) by Ed Cardoni, Kevin Fix and Evelyn Void, Paul Szp, music; “A Moment” (film) by Jim Kim, Kevin Fix and Nancy Golden; “Condominium” (film) by Dave Fasano with musical accompaniment by Joel Resnikoff, John Sheppard, and Russ Schoenwetter; “The Deal” (film) by Eric Malossi and Jimmy Davis; a film by Stiller Fisher Dawson; “Saloon Suite” (video performance) by Sherry Summers with Victor Tabinski; “Parallel Lives” (film) by Dave Fasano.

[NOTE: Video documentation of this event is in the Hallwalls archive at the Poetry Collection, a special collecton of the State University of New York at Buffalo Libraries. The analog videos have been preserved and digitized for access.]

Some publications related to this event:
September and October, 1983 - 1983