Performance Art Program

Saturday, November 19, 1988


Presented at:

Lillian Killian and Kate Stafford in RABBIT PLANTATION by Alison Rooney; FRUIT 'N’ FIBER: LESBIAN 'N’ GAY STAND-UP FROM NYC starring Sara Cytron, Reno, Jaffe Cohen, Danny McWilliams, and Bob Smith.

[First biannual WAYS IN BEING GAY festival, founded by Ron Ehmke. The title, (which like "Hallwalls" itself, everybody gets wrong) is taken from a recurrent phrase in a Gertrude Stein story. Features return engagements by Tim Miller and Holly Hughes in their pre-"NEA 4" days, along with dozens of other artists and writers from across the country. Hallwalls writer-in-resident Hughes appears as a featured participant in the First International Women Playwrights Conference, and organizes some conference events at Hallwalls. — E.C.]

ARCHIVAL NOTE: Around the time of Buffalo-born comedian Bob Smith's untimely death at age 59 on January 20, 2018, Ron Ehmke corrected our archival record, noting that Smith did not in fact end up appearing on this comedy bill.

Commenting on Colin Dabkowski's Buffalo News obituary, Ehmke wrote "he didn’t actually come to town with the rest of Funny Gay Males—I think he told me he just wasn’t ready to play his hometown" (1/25/18).

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