Published in 1988
Curated by Chris Hill, Peter Weibel, Tony Conrad
Essays by Chris Hill, Peter Weibel, Tony Conrad

INFERMENTAL 7: A TRAVELING EXHIBITION OF WORLD VIDEO - BUFFALO, NEW YORK EDITION (April 30-May , 1988), Hallwalls Inc, Buffalo NY, 1988. [A 28-page black and white booklet, published collaboratively by Hallwalls and ARS Electronica (Festival of Art, Technology and Society held in Linz, Austria) in conjunction with Infermental 7, Buffalo NY Edition, edited by Chris Hill, Tony Conrad and Peter Weibel, coordinated by Chris Hill of Hallwalls, and supervised by Rotraut Pape with International Coordination by Vera Body (who initiated the videomagazine project with Gabor Body in 1980) . This catalog, which features essays by its editors ("Landscapes of Address" by Chris Hill; "Public Images and Images of Power" by Peter Weibel; "Catching up to Video at Home and Abroad" by Tony Conrad), includes black and white screen shots from the video programs, and a photograph by Rotraut Pape. The screening programs (Public Images; De-Colonized Media; Sexuality or Gender; Epidemics; Image Dialects) featured works by the following international artists, a number from Buffalo, and were organized in five programs. The back page includes an index of previous editions of Infermental. The catalog was designed by Paul Szpakowski.] ISBN 0-936739-11-8

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April 30, 1988 - INFERMENTAL 7
April 30, 1988 - INFERMENTAL 7
May 1, 1988 - INFERMENTAL 7
May 1, 1988 - INFERMENTAL 7
May 14, 1988 - INFERMENTAL 7

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