Special Events

Sunday, November 12, 1995

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
Ambrosia, Amy's Place, Buffalo Club, Buffalo Rome, Biac's, Caffe Aroma, Café in the Square, Café Dolci, Calumet Arts Café, Fiddlehead's, Harvest Moon, Hutch's, Just Pasta, Kodiak Café, Jim Ricky's, Preservation Hall, Mother's, Sequpia, Rue Franklin, Rutabaga, Elmwood Outback, Premier, Shebeen, Siena, Solid Grounds, Warren's, Frontier Liquor, Mullen and Gun Inc., and New World Wine and Liquors.


Presented at:

An afternoon of art, food, champagne and many pleasures that Buffalo's best restaurants have to offer. [SPONSOR?]

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