Visual Arts Program

Saturday, May 9, 1987 — Saturday, June 6, 1987


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Solo exhibitions in conjunction with Revelations featuring works by Rafael Sanchez. "The work in this exhibition evolves from a point of view that welcomes a reconciliation between primordial and tectonic forces. The notion of stasis is sublimated by the dereliction of structural priorities in the pursuit of a non-linear orientation throught the trajectory of nature" (RS, 87). Featuring mixed media works including: SHIPS AT SEA (1986), ASTIGMATISM (1986), I WENT HOME (1986), HILLS OF EIRE (1987), PIRACY AND SURRENDER (1986), UNTITLED (GOLD DIPTYCH, 1987), QATAR (1987), SUMALIYA, HAITI, VIET-NAM, EL ORO DE EQUADOR (1987).

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May and June, 1987 - 1987