Visual Arts Program

Saturday, May 9, 1987 — Saturday, June 6, 1987

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
The Museum Program of The National Endowment for The Arts


Presented at:

Visiting curator Carl E. Hazlewood (Newark, New Jersey) organizes an exhibition of painting and sculpture investigating contemporary spirituality and the African Diaspora. Featuring works by: Juan Boza (born: Camaguey, Cuba), Victor Davson (born: Guyana, South America), Scott Dedecker (born: Buffalo, NY), James Elaine (born: Dallas, Texas), Jonathan Ellis (born: Washington, DC), Manuel Macarrulla (born: Pennsylvania, PA), Kathy Muehlemann (born: Austin, Texas), Dan Rice (born: Portland, Oregon), Nieves Saah (born: Bilbao, Spain.)
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May and June, 1987 - 1987